Tony Abbott

It seems like every Australian on this roasted little island is angry.. about Tony Abbot. He’s breaking promises, they say. Screwing everyone over. The budget is in, and you lose. And you. And you. Angry lips bite and chafe to the beat of words streaming from the hungry media. ‘That tax money is going to buy a few fighter jets, to create a border college to train people to “stop the boats,” to reinstitute knighthoods.’ And no doubt many more dramatic examples the media and/or his opponents can or have found.

I haven’t paid that much attention to hear the dramatic examples, I’m afraid.

Foaming mouths, red eyes, stamping feet and sharp teeth crowd the pulpit. I’m standing back in the shadows, bemused. In situations like this I find myself the rational voice, observing the spectacle and the reaction of the crowd. Am I pissed? No. Have I been personally affected or am I liable to be? Probably not. But would I care anyway?

I’ll admit here in my second post that I’m not concerned about having other people’s money taken away from me. That’s all a subsidy is. That’s all welfare amounts to. Somebody else’s money, which you didn’t earn, in your pocket. Personally I feel a sense of guilt that I’ve had a fair amount of it already, and I’d like to repay that.

I am disappointed that, for all the “OMG SPENDING CUTS NOW..” word is that spending is actually going to increase. They may be taking more of your money, but they aren’t going to offset Australia’s debt with it. Perhaps it was too much to ask. I saw a legitimate chance for a government to downsize, to play less of an all-encompassing, choke-hold of a role on the lives of it’s citizens. I’m beginning to see, however, that Tony Abbott is the conservative I should have expected all along.  The last thing he would do is make a government smaller. No, a change in budget with major parties is merely a shifting of priorites.

But is this the government we deserve, or the government we asked for?


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