When I’m not writing, I love making time to venture out into the world, to seek amazing places and to capture them on camera. One day I might feel the confidence to stalk the streets, to shoot buildings, and perhaps even people, but for now, there is plenty, and possibly much more readily available material in the wild.

A few months ago, I moved to Hobart, Tasmania. Hobart is a relatively young city, having beeen initiated as a British penal colony in 1804. As tough laws filled British jails to capacity, the British government mandated a mission to colonize Australia, in turn founding a vibrant, multicultural society with roots firmly buried in the modest beginnings of many of it’s citizens. Pardoned convicts, earnest entrepreneurs, and eager families sought a new life on the frontier.. Australia was an untarnished destination, a wild country of forest and desert, mountains, plains, and mineral resources.

Hobart rests on the banks of the Derwent River, and most suburbs rest by the edges or in the foothills of nearby mountain ranges. As much of this mountainous territory was unsuitable for either agriculture or habitation, many of the surrounding hills are still engulfed in lush forest. Perhaps thankfully for my purposes, there are many well-worn trails throughout this relatively untouched bushland.

Over the coming weeks I plan to take you to the locations I visit, with words and photos, and where I can, I will impart a glimpse into the recent history of these destinations. For now, I’ve created a new Photography page showcasing my better work, as voted by friends over on deviantART. Click here, or select Photography from the menu above to see where I’ve been so far 🙂

Have you visited any amazing places recently?


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