The Cascade Walking Track


The Cascade Walking Track, and my extensions

An earlier trek began behind the Cascade Brewery, in South Hobart. The eponymous track begins with a steady incline into open forest, wandering the hills above Old Farm Road.

The beginning of the Cascade Trail

The beginning of the Cascade Trail

After about ten minutes, the path begins to decline into dark, damp forest, crossing a wet rock bridge over a branch of Guy Fawkes Rivulet.

No trolls under this bridge

The path meanders by the creek for a period, with several small paths breaking off to the side, leading down through and beside the creek. I regret not wandering further through the trees here..


Otherwise, the walk was fairly short, so there isn’t as much to show or talk about. I’m aware of no great history attached to the immediate area.

The Cascade Track ends at the entrance to Wellington Park, a huge network of tracks and trails leading up the eastern face of Mount Wellington. Looking for the closest map online, I spied the main fire trail leading to Strickland Avenue (which would lead me back to the beginning of the trail, by the road.)

The fire trail was clearer and more paved than those I was familiar with, rolling down through the edge of a gully. The trickle of water through the brush caught my ear and I stumbled down off the path to discover this small pool:

The fire trail rose to an open field where an unmarked path wandered across a field and disappeared towards some trees. Hearing more traffic in that direction, I decided to divert. There’s something exhilirating and miildly terrifying about walking through a tiny forest trail and not being 100% certain of your destination. The trail turned away from the traffic, wandering through the hills. At one point I passed a steel tower which I gathered was either a cell tower or a power conduit of some sort. An omnious signed warned that even getting close would inflict instant death. That was mildly exciting as well..

The trail fell on a decline, crumbling, patchy and disused.  I turned one corner, and found myself on an intersection with the beginning of the Cascade trail. The track I’d been following continued down to the side of the central trail, intersecting once again with the rivulet.

This path connected with Old Farm Road, and I decided finally, to head directly back to my car as night was on the way. But as I walked along the Old Farm Road, I was caught again by the sound of the rivulet running in the trees beside the road. I found a few small patches in the trees where people had previously slipped down the enbankment to walk along the riverside. I decided to follow them, and explored the rivulet as far as I could:


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