Goulds Lagoon

When I had finished walking through Poimena Reserve there was still an hour or so of daylight to work with, so I decided to find the nearest track to add to my afternoon. Goulds Lagoon is basically just a small patch of wetlands beside the Derwent River.  Greater Hobart Trails notes the lagoon was once private land, designated a wildlife sanctuary on request by previous owner Arthur Gould in 1938. Apart from this, the council assures it’s an important feeding and breeding ground for many birds. The lagoon is mentioned in several directories related to the protection of natural resources, wetlands, and threatened fauna.. but apart from this, there isn’t much to tell.

I ventured across the boardwalk to take photos and was greeted by two ducks coming in for a synchronised landing, spraying water into the air by their feet as they pushed to a halt. ..I only wish I had my camera ready.

The boardwalk was crowded by ducks, swimming around the terminal, probably hoping for donations:

The short track (a meagre one kilometre) led north, departing from the riverside to pass over a small rise and coming to an apparent halt at the waterside by the north end:

I followed the rear of the reserve, coming around to the north side to see if I could get any further angles of the birds circling the area.

Curiously, Google Maps marks the lagoon as being a small inlet on the other side of the road separating the lagoon from the Derwent River. This is definitely an error, but hardly a big deal.

In conclusion, like this blog post, the track is really short and sweet. I wasn’t satisfied with my few shots of the ducks so I will return at some point and deliver some more photos.

Getting there

The track is accessible towards the centre of Hestercombe Road, which breaks off Main Road between Grafton and Austins Ferry. As always… for more info check out the Greater Hobart Trails website.

Goulds Lagoon on Google Maps


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