Conneware Bay to Windermere Beach

Hi readers 🙂 It’s been a while. Studies and exams have been keeping my weeks fairly busy, but my weekends have been full of photos.. which I’m hoping to start posting regularly again.

I shot this series of photos a few weeks ago in Claremont, on the west side of the Derwent River, again, in Hobart, Tasmania.

There’s a small park situated at the end of Windermere Beach Road, on a small point in the south of Claremont. A marked path leads to the water’s edge where there are clear views of Conneware Bay to the north, and Dowsing Point/Goodwood to the south-east.

In the east of the park is a wooden sign heralding a short trek around the point to Conneware Bay.

I followed the track more or less as specified by Greater Hobart Trails, so if looking to visit yourself, I would recommend using their guide. The one caveat could be parking – if entering from the park as I did, be mindful that the entrance is situated on a corner and the streets are relatively narrow – it is a suburban area. Dogs are welcome 🙂


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