Walking Cornelian Bay

Just east of New Town, in Hobart, Tasmania is one of many bays lining the banks of the Derwent River. Cornelian Bay rests beside the Cornelian Sportsground, a sunny beachside park with a playground and walking tracks to the north and south.

The Cornelian Bay track, as designated by Greater Hobart Trails, follows the bay north, past the Cornelian Bay Cemetery to a sandy point providing views of the Derwent River to the south. The track also leads, in the opposite direction, towards Queens’ Domain, following the Intercity Cycleway towards the Derwent Bridge.

Depending on how far you would like to walk, it’s possible to continue into the city. The tracks around the bay itself only comprise 1.3 km. It’s ideal for families, dog-walking, barbecues etc.

Although I took no shots this time, the boat sheds on the southern shore are worth seeing as well!


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