Wellington Park Adventures: the Organ Pipes Circuit

One weekend, at a friend’s suggestion, we set off to see the Organ Pipes in Hobart’s Wellington Park, as guided by Greater Hobart Trails. We didn’t actually make it the whole way, but I can show and tell you about the first half of the trek.

Hobart from The Springs

Hobart from The Springs

Beginning at The Springs, we followed the Lenah Valley Track north. As documented on a previous jaunt, the Lenah Valley Track is a fairly level walk along the mountainside, featuring some fantastic views of Hobart below. (I have yet to revisit Sphinx Rock with a tripod 😉 )

Just past Lone Cabin, the Lenah Valley Track meets with a major intersection of circa. six tracks leading into the surrounding forest. We weren’t entirely sure which path was correct at this point, so we consulted the signposted maps and the ever helpful Google. Once we had our bearings, Hunters Track was fairly clear, climbing the mountain to the west.

This segment was a relatively tough climb to begin with, ten to fifteen minutes of climbing on a dirt path, large steps augmented by rock facings. When the climb abated we were faced with extensive hopping through fields of boulders. There were some nice views of greater Hobart and the Derwent River here, but as usual, trees spoiled any opportunities for a panoramic shot. My companion’s shoes weren’t suited to the climb and began to fall apart along the way, so unfortunately, when we reached the intersection with Pinnacle Road, we had to leave the Organ Pipes for another day.

How long? Take a half-day to be sure 🙂 The circuit, as mapped by Greater Hobart Trails, is 9.2 km but you will want to stop for the sights, and to rest etc.

How to get there? The Springs (roughly -42.915556, 147.248528) are accessible directly on Pinnacle Road – you can’t miss it. Signposted paths lead off in every direction, a block of public toilets and a small car park sit within a bright clearing not far from two look-outs.

For more details on the Organ Pipes Circuit including a map, current accessiblity, facilities, restrictions, and pertinent government notices check out Greater Hobart Trails.

Discarded shots of note


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