The Old Beach Foreshore Trail

In late October, I discovered the Old Beach Foreshore Trail – a two kilometre stretch of sandy track on the eastern shore of the Derwent River.

Old Beach is a minor outlying suburb of Hobart, nestled beneath the foothills of the Meehan Range. The track begins at a picturesque jetty featuring wide panoramic views to the north and south of the central Derwent River and the northern suburbs of Claremont and Austins Ferry on the western shore.

The track meanders to the south, by the water’s edge, leading to further views of the eastern shores, the Meehan Range and the western mountains of Hobart.

Getting there

The trail begins at the end of Jetty Road, in Old Beach, less than a minute from the Eastern Derwent Highway.

Jetty Road in Old Beach

Jetty Road in Old Beach

Old Beach Foreshore Trail

The Old Beach Foreshore Trail

I would estimate the walk at under an hour, depending on your pace. According to Greater Hobart Trails, horses are the only restriction. The track is predominantly level and flat throughout, so it’s not at all challenging, but it’s by far one of the first I would recommend to see some great vistas of the Hobart landscape.


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