Raising the dead – seeking participants!

For quite a while I’ve been considering ideas to move on from landscape photography. I enjoy hiking trails: it’s great to get out and see some new places occasionally, but it’s not everything I want to do. A landscape photographer takes photos of what already exists in nature, just capturing what’s already there, without ever really creating something new. I see landscape photography to art more as a film critic is to film: observing and opining on a sight set before them. Bending it to their perspective, perhaps, but manipulating what already exists.

But what do I have to offer creatively?

Above all, I’ve always been a fiercely independent individualist.  I go my own way, live for myself and I respect and support those whom do the same. I’m not saying we can’t work together, but that we should be and support ourselves first, and facilitate others second.  If anything, I’ve lacked the courage to fully embody who I feel I am in a world hell-bent on fitting people into boxes.
We do this so that people can work together, but also for a sense of safety. We want the world to make sense, for people to make sense, for everyone to get along. Things could potentially be so much easier if there was an easy label to plaster on everyone’s foreheads, right? Or perhaps if no-one was offensive or dangerous? What if all prices were fair and nobody was ever mistreated? Yeah, the world doesn’t happen that way but plenty of us wish it did. But we accept that the world isn’t perfect, try to be safe in our own way, and move on.

When we’re kids we pick on the one whom looks different, when we’re adults most of us recognise that however people look, we’re all essentially the same. So many of us are sheep guarded by sheepdogs, and yet we’re hounded by wolves who shape the terrain we walk upon. We vote for them, work for them, and we pay them our taxes. And yet everything’s fine, we’ve accepted certain limitations to who we can be, how we can act, what we can express to live comfortably within society. Or.. some of us don’t, and a percentage of those go to jail. Even the sociopaths pretend to be as “normal” as they can be.

What’s my point?

Why don’t we show the world who you really are? I’d like to bring that inner being out and allow you to express yourself. I want to see that person no-one gets to see, the person whom only lives in your imagination these days, quashed down by a stifling reality and set aside. Maybe you were always too afraid to be them, your parents discouraged you, or maybe you felt your ideas were wrong because they were too different. Once, you had a spark. Either way..

Tell me about that person. Either here, or anonymously. I won’t know you sent it, I don’t want to know, and I won’t be able to reply. Email sanitybox@gmx.com from http://sendanonymousemail.net (or choose your own provider..)

If you already know who that person is and would like to see if we can capture that, contact me. If you’re unhappy with the product, we can destroy it. It doesn’t need to go anywhere, but hopefully, if we’re both satisfied, we can publish it and encourage others to join in!

Fuck standards. Fuck beauty. Fuck fear. There are no limits here. Let’s bring that real you one step closer to reality.


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