Bridgewater Foreshore Trail

This walking track lies towards the entrance of Hobart, following 5.2 km (3.2 mi) of coastline along the Derwent River.  On the day I walked through, the swampy shoreline was occupied by several fishermen who seemed to find my taking landscape photos an odd profession. Meanwhile they’re fishing in a polluted river..

Bridgewater lies central to the outer suburbs of Hobart, of which several have a reputation for being dangerous to loiter in, though, honestly, the more I hear of supposed dangerous suburbs in Australia, the more from experience and local knowledge, I dismiss it. Just be mindful of your surroundings and be cautious in new areas. If you’re going somewhere different or dangerous, let someone know 🙂

The land views are sparse and desolate on the local side of the river, but as usual, views across the Derwent of the surrounding suburbs, hills, and mountains are majestic.

Watch for snakes in the warmer weather. I came within centimetres of stepping on a 1 metre+ long snake which was lurking the unkempt grasses.

According to Greater Hobart Trails there are two picnic areas along the trail, though I don’t recall them. You won’t find any facilities on this trail, just a hot gravel path and most likely relative solitude.

Getting there

The track is accessible from a majority of the streets along the greater route.  For the full trek, locate parking on Gunn St and follow the track to the bridge crossing the Jordan River.

Map courtesy of Greater Hobart Trails

Map courtesy of Greater Hobart Trails

The track is predominantly level and easy to access, suitable for families or the casual walker


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