Kingston and Boronia Beach

Closer to the mouth of the Derwent River lies Kingston, one of the larger outlying towns on the road towards the bottom of Tasmania. On the coastal road from Hobart and Sandy Bay sits Taroona, featuring the shot tower, the Alum Cliffs track, and Bonnet Hill. At the end of these trails, five minutes from central Kingston lies the tiny suburb of Kingston Beach: Hobart’s worst kept secret for the summer months.

A small park with a footbridge guards the opening to the western side of the beach. The Alum Cliffs track begins ascending hills to the left, the sand beneath it leading to the first of the cliffs.

IMGP3669 Panorama

East across the shoreline, a boardwalk and sunny white beach stretch towards the next forested hillside. On the day I came to shoot, hundreds lined the shore and to be honest, I wasn’t yet brave enough to capture the crowd.

Following the shoreline one passes a number of restaurants and holiday accommodation, directly opposite the beach. A crowd of revellers sit upon the deck of the Kingston Beach Sailing Club. At the eastern edge, a rocky path is carved around the side of the hill towards the serene cliffs of Boronia Beach.

According to Greater Hobart Trails, Boronia Beach takes it’s name from a private residence lying behind the beach, which was once the Boronia Hotel circa. 1900.

Getting there
Kingston and it’s beaches are accessible by car, a mere 20 mins from Hobart. Alternatively, public bus services (Metro Tasmania) run every hour from dawn to dusk. Cottage accommodation lines the beach. I can’t speak to the quality but they would be my first choice for a stay in Kingston.


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