Jessica Chloe Grey

My first legitimate model shoot was with the kind heart of Jessica Grey.  An amateur model hailing from Hobart, Tasmania, Jess was eager to secure some experience, and was happy to work with me as a fledgling, would-be photographer.

Jessica Chloe Grey

Jessica Chloe Grey

I would say that Jess aims to be a commercial model, happiest front and foremost in the photo. Hence, looking and feeling her best dolled up, I first considered office and business district locations where we might position her as a glamorous city girl. But in consideration that it was one of her first shoots, and certainly mine, I decided to setup something a little quieter: a foray into the Hobart Rivulet Park.

While I am happy with these shots, there are always lessons to be learned. In this case, I think we could have taken more close-ups. I was aiming for something like “candid girl next door, captured chilling out in the park.” As natural as possible. My yearning for Jess to be an element of rather than the object of the session is reflected in a multitude of shots taken with Jess looking off into the distance, but  in retrospect, some of the best may have been where she was in her element, working face to face with  the camera.

This speaks to the tips I’ve been given: choose the right model for the right shoot. But as a first effort, I think we were effective together.

For any legitimate queries on her availability, please, contact Jessica Chloe Grey through Facebook.



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